Sisters empowering Sisters

This week sister of the week is someone that I personally admire. Her tenacity, boldness and inner strength is an example of how to overcome adversities and come out victorious. That is why my sister of the week, is Ms. Margaret Figueroa. Ms Figueroa is an Assistant Manager of Operations at Saint Peter’s University. In between going to school, she is an avid volunteer helping other women in the community in search of economic independence, mentoring our youth, and a budding entrepreneur of her very own homemade incredible tasty pudding, which she called, “Nana’s Pudding”. For that, I applaud my sister and say, keep up the great work, our community needs you.

On Saturday I gave a STANDING ovation to my sister, Ms.Melissa Molinero. A Standing ovation is my way of saying to my sisters who are doing it all, like being a mom, holding down a career and running their household without batting an eye, a “Wink” for holding it down. So, today Ms. Molinero is my sister of the week. Ms. Molinero and I have a lot of history together. We first met at Dress for Success Hudson County, where she was the EFF Coordinator. Today, she is a Life and Career Coach, and a Job Counselor and Placement Specialist at North Bergen New Jersey. When I first started at Dress for Success Hudson County, she embraced me with warm, and open arms. She was helpful and kind. Today, Ms. Molinero is doing great things in the community helping underserved individuals in their career and coaching them to live fuller lives; for that applaud my sister. Keep up the great work, our community needs you!