Have you heard of SPOTAK Traits?

It is what Jet.com CEO Marc Lore says is important to him when it comes to hiring the best candidate with real passion, and a “Fire inside of them to drive forward.” It is what he described as finding missionaries, and not getting stuck with mercenaries. He explained, “Mercenaries will jump ship the first time they get a better offer, but missionaries will remain loyal if they have a sense of purpose, feel empowered, and are paid fairly (in fact, they will end up making more money than a mercenary would have).”


SMART is not everything, he said, but it’s his way of finding out whether or not the candidate has an analytic mind and can crack tough problems. When it comes to PASSION, he admits his main purpose is to find out if the candidate has a fire inside of them to drive forward. With OPTIMISTIC, he is looking to see if the candidate believe anything is possible, and the word “can’t” is not part of their vocabulary. He’s looking for people who are TENACIOUS and doesn’t give up on the first try. Finally, ADAPTABLE is about finding those people who are not afraid of change, reassessing, learning from mistakes and trying over again and again until they succeed.

In the end, as the hiring manager, he believes when he finds someone with those traits, it’s up to him to put them in a position to activate those qualities.

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