I am my Sister Keeper: Your friendly guide to professional development – Learning new trends in employment and the job market

Monday March 12th 2018

This podcast will consists of 4 segments

We will talk about:

  • Learning about new trends in employment and the job market

  • Trending news from last week

  • Sister of the week

  • My closing last words

Segment 1:

Learning about new trends in employment and the job market

In my professional experience, I’ve learned the more you know about your current field, the better informed you are, because you never know where a great opportunity might be. By the way, it is reported that eighty percent of companies research candidates for their online presence as one of many tools they use to make a hiring decisions.

Here is a list of ways to stay current on trends and the news:

  • Subscribe to magazines that specifically target your interest and or industry for in-depth stories.
  • Join a book club because it’s a great way to network.
  • Set up news alerts that keep you up to date on what is going on in the world around you.
  • Make a list of the ‘top ten companies’ you would love to work for, and follow their Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Research people in the company on LinkedIn, which is another excellent way to network. If you do, keep it discreet and professional.
  • Another great way to use LinkedIn is to remain in touch with old colleagues, that way if a company reviews your page, they can immediately see that you are still in contact with former colleagues from work. More importantly, it shows that most likely you did not leave your previous job on bad terms.

Finally, managing your social media is another smart way to toss your net in many directions.

Check out my episode “Podcast 6: I am my Sister’s Keeper” from I am my Sister’s Keeper💞 on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/jackie-g/episodes/Podcast-6-I-am-my-Sisters-Keeper-e168qn


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