In case you missed it💕 This Week Podcast: Introducing, I am my Sister’s Keeper


I am my sister’s keeper will come to you every Monday on Anchor Podcast.

I hope you can join me in the sisterhood that is committed to the empowerment and well being of our sisters base on the foundation of unity and friendships. Sisters of all creed and backgrounds should unite in the interest of leadership, community service, women empowerment, and social cultural awareness.  This is my sister’s keeper. United we are strong.

🎧Weekly Podcast will cover:

✴Professional development

✴Utilizing your resources

✴Tips for your resume

✴Learn about new trends in employment and the job market               

✴Career exploration

✴Job search

✴Getting ready for your job interview

✴Dealing with rejection after an interview.

✴Work place etiquette

✴E-mail etiquette                             

✴Social media do’s and don’ts when looking for work

✴Financial literacy


✴Effective Communication skills and Problem solving

✴Parenting ( just a little, not too much because I am no expert)

✴People in general, spirituality and everything in between

🎧Closing remarks-

Coming up next week Monday:

Segments will include –

✴My  professional background

✴Professional development explain

✴ A weekly schedule for the month

✴Hot topic from the previous week

✴Sister pick of the week (can have several)

✴Closing remarks

Before I say goodbye I want you to remember, the bible says:

Don’t be weary in well doing…I am able I can do all things through God…

And I say-

You have been equipped and empowered…you can shine even in a storm and you can excel even in difficulties.

Leave me an audio of what you would love for me to cover or any questions you may have. 💖

In the meantime, we can stay in touch throughout the week via Twitter @Jackie227 or on Instagram at desmanglessumpter. 💖

I hope to catch up with you next week, but, until then enjoy the rest of the week. Make it a good one! Keep smiling!!💖

Click link to listen to my new PODCAST:

Check out my episode “Introducing: First Podcast” on Anchor:


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