Strong Black Woman…

Some time ago I was talking to a young black man who said to me that he did not understand the so-called strong black woman. Adding, he especially did not know why young black girls today are also claiming to be strong black women. Of course, being a strong black woman,  I was thrown for a loop by what he said. Truth be told, that was not the first time I’ve heard that statement from people, so it was kind of hard to convince my ears that it didn’t hear what it had heard.  Unfortunately for him, I’d just about had enough of hearing that same shit from people, so I took it upon myself to educate him on the strong black woman.

I said to him,  I’m a strong black woman, because I want my daughter to be a strong black woman.  She bears witness to the struggle, so she knows the only way to be is strong. She will not only learn from me, she will be better than me.  So, she is not only a strong black woman, she is also a superwoman.  She’s been groomed since birth to believe in herself, stand up for herself, speak her mind, and more importantly to know her worth. She’s been taught to have her own and know the difference between a real man and a ‘wannabe’ man.

On the contrary, I said to him, he shouldn’t be confused with strong black women, instead what he should do is, question why we lack strong black men. Where are the strong fathers, uncles, big brothers etc… Daughters need fathers and sons need fathers. Where are they? Why are they not involve? Without they involvement the only option a black woman has is to be a strong black woman who’s capable of doing it all. So yes,  my black is strong,  not by choice but by necessity, and as a result my daughter will be strong. I rested my case and left him with his mouth open.



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