Illustrations of Women by Carol Rossetti

Like messages in a bottle…it speaks to you.

Project Naked

This is one of the reasons I love facebook and can’t quite give it up because I come across amazing things like this from the various pages I follow. This is the amazing work by Carol Rossetti, so simple yet so powerful! I wanted to share on the blog because I felt it so fitting and something a lot of woman will relate to. Also the illustrations are just too KICK ASS not to share.












Posted with permission. Please go to http:// to see more of her amazing work!

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Writing 101 Withdrawal? We’re Here to Help!

UP your blog-activity!

The Daily Post

Congratulations, Writing 101 bloggers! While we’re still working on our official wrap-up post (stay tuned for it next week!), we couldn’t leave you hanging on the first day after the course’s official end date.

Back in February, Blogging U. Chancellor (or is it Provost?) Michelle came up with some great resources for those bloggers who had just finished an earlier blogging challenge. We share some of those with you again now, in the hope that your transition out of the course is as smooth as possible. You better not stop writing now!

Whether you’re participating in a blogging challenge or not, finding the time to write can be challenging. If you’re feeling pressed for time, “When Life Gets in the Way” might help. If you’ve got the time to write but no words are forthcoming, plagiarizing yourself is always a great idea.

If you want to explore some new post styles, check out…

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